Postcardbook I
  • Postcardbook I

    Here is postcardbook I. This book was made from a surplus of postcards that I did not want to throw away. I wanted to do something new with these cards and so, in this book, they have ended up in a whole new form. They have been repainted with acrylic ink, acrylic paint and black, East-Indian ink. Furthermore, several cut-outs have been made in the pages, which give new glimpses into the illustrations as they turn over. This book thus contains completely original illustrations, which will not appear reproduced anywhere else. They are unique in themselves. Furthermore, some sections with squared writing paper have been added, so that the owner of the book can write down their thoughts in them, if they so wish.


    The entire book was hand assembled, designed and bound by me, from cover to back cover. The binding is visible on the spine, it is a glue less binding using the Coptic stitch.



    Width: 10.8mm - Height: 15,5mm - Depth: 2,4mm



    The book has 80 pages in total. Of these, 40 pages consist of squared, writing paper. The other 40 pages are painted postcards with original illustrations with cut-outs and collage.



    Illustrations & bookbinding © 2021 by Margo De Weerdt.


    The copyrights remain with the illustrator and bookbinder, Margo De Weerdt. The buyer of this book is not allowed to reproduce or duplicate these illustrations or this book, in any form whatsoever, without the knowledge or mutual agreement of the illustrator Margo De Weerdt.

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