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  • Margo De Weerdt

Process video: Voidwalker key visual

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

In the beginning of this year I made a new key visual for the branding of Voidwalker. Making a branding is a process in itself. This one for Voidwalker is a joy to work on. It evolves naturally, weaves new and yet familiar images and projects.

 An illustration in a landscape format made in ink, entirely in black and white. The character of Voidwalker stands slightly to the right of the middle of the image. He blends in the background. Behind and between him is a galaxy filled with stars, planets, solar systems,... A comet flies over the image, from left to right. It flies through his left hand. He looks at us.
Voidwalker Key Visual

I filmed the painting process of this visual. Hope you enjoy watching.

For more information about Voidwalker, visit

You can also find Vincent (the man in the void) on social media @Voidwalker.

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