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Interests, fascinations and preferences: August 2021

Updated: Aug 21

Hi there,

Welcome to this *first* video where I talk directly to the camera. Bear with me during this awkward moment in this experiment. It involves a long ramble of me telling you what interests, fascinates me now and which things I prefer in August 2021. (That last one seems to be mostly music...)

Hope you enjoy, and like myself, just must laugh from time to time with all sorts of funny silliness.

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  • Middlemarch, by George Eliot

  • Compacts & Cosmetics, by Madeleine March

  • The Man in the Red Coat, by Julian Barnes

  • Brazen, by Pénélope Bagieu

  • Podcast Live Awake, by Sarah Blondin

  • Book & CD’s Mindfulness in de maalstroom van het leven, by Edel Maex

  • The Blue Planet, documentary by BBC Earth

  • Elements, album by Ludovico Einaudi

  • Canto Ostinato, a composition by Simeon ter Holt, album from 2012 performed by Irene Russo, Fred Oldenburg, Sandra Van Veen and Jeroen Van Veen

  • Tokyo Sunrise, from the album Forever For Now by LP

  • Le Chemin de Papa and Les Champs-Élysées, from the album Les Champs-Élysées by Joe Dassin

  • Boxes, album by The Goo Goo Dolls

  • East-Indian black ink, brand Talens

  • Ecoline, brand Talens

  • Acrylic ink, Areo Color Professional by Schmincke

  • Lapsang souchong tea, from Dille & Kamille



Right, okay.

After several technical errors.

And Other... other slight mistakes, it's filming. Please be filming. Yes, you're filming. Keep filming. Record sound. Do everything you need to do. Thank you. Dear camera.


As you can hear. I'm not a native English speaker. My native language is Dutch. So that's why there is an accent and some words will probably be misused.

I apologize. I try.

Hello, I'm Margo. I'm an illustrator and graphic designer. If you're watching this and didn't know that if you didn't, well, there you go.

If you did, I'm here to tell maybe a little bit more about myself.

I've tried to test run, this type of video a few times. But every time I do a sort of QA, I think it doesn't really do something for me or it feels a bit forced.

Anyway. Anything like this is awkward when you're not used to it, so bear with me.

So, I try to do it a little bit different.

Today I just want to talk about some of my current interests, fascinations and preferences in August of 2021.

Just because, why not? It seemed fun, it seemed like a fun idea. If I look down here, it is because I have a paper with my notes on it.

So that's why I'll be looking down. And this is the lens. That's the screen viewfinder thingy. I'm not used to this. So, I will be probably checking if the camera is actually... Recording. From time to time.

Anyway, let's start.


At this very moment, I'm researching a lot of things online and in books about 19th century and about the Victorian history and times.

Why? Why do these things be of interest to anybody? I don't know. It just it happens to come along on my path. So how did I get to this at this very moment?

I've just finished Middlemarch by George Eliot the other day.

It is 900 pages into provincial life in England in Victorian times of 1930. Yes. Sorry accent. Excuse me.

Yeah, it was quite a good book. Yeah, it's English from 1874, this Edition, so it doesn't read as fluently as a book from now, of course. But I still find it fascinating.

Another book I read about some topics of that era was Compacts & Cosmetics by Madeleine March.

I have a Fascination and interest in anything to do with cosmetics, makeup and appearances in history and how people dressed and how they looked.

And how of course that says something about the times. So that is an entire book on compacts, and how a woman's Boudoir would look at that time.

Lots of hair pieces, Jesus Christ, and creams, and everything.

Also, very interesting. Another one I read in... I want to see April or May this year, but the book by Julian Barnes, The Man in the Red Coat, ...

I have a message.

I'm very sorry.

Anyway, throwing things around...

Ummm... So, a book by Julian Barnes, The Man in the Red Coat, was another one on this subject more on the second part of the 19th century and the Belle Epoque,

and turn of the century to the 20th, and how the general cultural feeling was at the time.

It goes into the life of a physician, Ummm, but also yeah, looks around at its writers, theater, ...

Amai... Sarah Barnhardt’s, Oscar Wilde. All these figures. Those are just the two most famous ones. I assume.

But... Also, very interesting. So, I don't know, at the moment. I'm into that.

Another figure that I find really interesting is Nellie Bly. And Nellie Bly, for anybody who doesn't know, is an American journalist, inventor and industrialist, whatever else, ...

She more or less invented investigative journalism. As I understand it.

She was a woman who voluntarily went into a mental institution, just see how the conditions were and underwent them, or experienced them.

That's the right word. Experienced them herself and...

How on Earth did she get out? I've read this but...

Anyway, besides being investigative... investigative journalist.

She also did a trip around the world in 72 days, after the book of Jules Verne.

But the real thing. As a woman, alone, at the end of the 19th century. Remarkable.

And then she reported back to the newspaper with articles about her journey.

She also worked in industrialization. Through this in improving the working conditions of women and children in that era.

And of course, she also lived... She lived until 1922, I think. So, she experienced the World War I, and she was one of journalists who went to the Eastern Front.

Yeah. The document and report back on anything that was going on there.

I Came upon her by a book called Brazen. It's a graphic novel, and a comic. So Brazen is a book by Pénélope Bagieu.

I think you say like this. I'm very sorry. If I mispronounced this.

It's a graphic novel and sort of a series of comics explaining the lives, or illustrating the lives, of various women in history who had a contribution or had an extraordinary life or...

Yeah, changed something. Changed something for their country or for their family, something like that.

And anyway, a Nellie Bly was in that book.

And what does that mean 'I have an interest in it'? It basically means I'm researching a lot of things online and reading books about it.

And just want to know more about the general history over there, if I didn't know it.

Yeah, it's just a Fascination. And it runs along in wanting to see films that were in that period.

Yeah. All kinds of things.

Then another interest at the moment is meditation and mindfulness.

I know this is for some people kind of fluffy subject.

For me, and the times I do meditate or listen to guided meditations, it just sort of brings a focus or little bit of peace back into my overflow in mind.

So that's why I like it. At the moment I really like the podcast Live Awake from Sarah Blondin.

I got this recommended to me by a very good friend.

I really love it. She has such a beautiful voice. Very relaxing. And also just yeah, brings other things into Focus.

So, really nice. And another book and CDs, I'm currently listening to or reading, is mindfulness by Edel Maex.

It is in Dutch. So not in English.

I don't really know if there is translation.

It are just mindfulness CDs. Yeah.

To help you focus.

In life.

And as a consequence of that, I'm looking at Apple music. I have a subscription... Subscription... Subscription there, and I'm looking into that more.

If anybody has any recommendations love to hear.

It’s kind of... I know it sounds fluffy, maybe to some people, but I really I find it relaxing and it grounds me a bit, gets me out of my mind and more into my body as well.

When I'm just going in circles. So, those are two interests for you. From me.

Fascinations. Fascinations, Fascinations... These are random. Very random.

At the moment. I'm fascinated with water. In that sense: The sea, lakes and rivers.

I like looking at them and it brings me, a sort of Peace of Mind. I don't know. Sense of Eternity? I don't know.

I'm fascinated by them. So I'm currently watching episodes of The Blue Planet. One of those documentaries. It's really good.

I think it's from the BBC. I think it's...

I see the DVD over there...

Anyway, The Blue Planet. And it's a moment of theme that reoccurs in my personal work.

Yeah. Fascinations, why? They just are.

Another one, is the scent of rain falling on dry, summer, warm soil and ground. Just the scent of rain.

I one of those people who opens the window, and just go *breaths in loudly* really breathing in as deep as I can, to absorb this scent.

I love scents. I'm slightly obsessed by them. So I'm a person who loves Perfume, also, but the scent of rain, if any I've never encountered a perfume capturing this, I don't know. It's really... I love it.

And the name for this scent is 'petrichor'. So 'petrichor', the word comes from the Greek language and refers in Greek mythology to 'the fluid in the veins of the Greek gods.'


Then. I'm obsessed with the colour Indigo. Also, one of the colors that, at the moment, is flowing everywhere in my work, my personal work. Really love it.

"Love it", is such a... Neh.

It pops into my mind every time I'm thinking of images. Hard to explain.

My brain works in images most of the time. So now I have to translate it.

Yeah, are we in focus? Yes.

Should put the phone silent.

Anyway, another fascination of mine, Ummm, when the sun shines, this is not case today.

No, this is August and it's... It will rain any moment.

When the sun shines, the pattern, the sun forms, when it falls through the leaves and branches of trees on the ground, and it shifts around and makes different figures and patterns.

And I can look at this in the same way people probably look at Clouds. I also do this.

But in the same way, you look at clouds, and it it's sort of mesmerizing and I love to see the patterns.

It's very... *pausing*

And to me, I love to observe colours, textures, things in everyday life. I find beautiful. And this is one of them.


Random light between branches and leaves on the ground.


Then... preferences. Preferences, preferences, ...

It's mostly music.

Music preferences. Apparently!

Ludovico Einaudi, the album Elements.

If you don't know him: It's classical music, just for reference. It's really beautiful.

I often draw and work on his compositions.

Another one is Simeon ter Holt.

It's a Dutch composer, also, classical music and his composition Canto Ostinato.

The one I'm listening to at the moment, on Apple music, is the album that is recorded in 2012.

Where the composition is performed by Irene Russo, Fred Oldenburg, Sandra Van Veen and Jeroen Van Veen.

Yes, four people and they all perform it on the piano.

How this works technically or how you go about doing such a thing. I don't know. I'm not a musician. I'm not a musician *struggles with the word*. I'm not a musician.

But It's really beautiful and the tracks. Just it seems like one large piece.

It's divided in tracks. But if they just flow into each other and it gives, when I'm working or just when you're reading or thinking, it's almost like a meditative state...

or like, yeah, a flow you get into, and you forget time. Time doesn't exist in this. It's just music, just tones.

Just the rhythm on which everything in this album flows or this composition.

Really love it. Yes, recommend.

Another one. This is more alternative/Singer-songwriter is LP.

I'm a huge fan of LP and I love her.

She's a singer and I love the song Tokyo Sunrise. It's from the album Forever For Now.

Then French music. Yes. I also love French music!

So much enthusiasm...

And that is Joe Dassin. Love Joe Dassin.

It's really summery for some reason, his music, I love it in summer.

And at the moment I love two songs, I love the entire album, Les Champs-Élysées, but two songs in particular at the moment:

And that's Le Chemin de Papa and Les Champs-Élysées.

Another one is also a favorite group of mine. It's very old school, very old school.

If you, if you love it also.

Iris is one of their most famous songs, but the Goo Goo Dolls their album Boxes.

Then more on the... Yeah, I don't know, illustrative side of things: materials and techniques.

What I most adore at this moment are pencil and graphite pencil,

ink, always ink, East-Indian black ink.

Adore it.

And it ecoline, I use this brand mostly.

Are we in Focus? No, no...

It's ecoline from Talens. They are very, very vibrant colours. That is the basic thing with a ecoline.

And the other one is...

Is this: It's Aero Color Professional from Schmincke.

It's acrylic ink. Just a few drops, they are highly pigmented.

I think they are also used in air brush techniques, but I use them and like this.

And I pour them... on plates, like this.

And as you can see, regular use.

Yes, and I need, umm, I always think a paper next to me.

I've dropped something.

Anyway, I always need a paper next to me, just to test colours, because I've used them so much,

that at the moment you almost can't see what you're doing on here.

But it works, it works, more important.

I always go through phases with techniques at the moment. It's totally this.

It's always possible that this changes or I'm fascinated by something new or a texture on paper that is different. Yeah.

Yeah. Another random fact, or preference. Whatever, which one are we, preferences? Yes.

At this moment. I love a kind of tea, that is called, I checked the package, Sorry for the pronunciation that comes now:

Lapsang souchong.

Sorry, I tried.

And its black tea and it smells... And this is the odd thing about it, but what I love about it, not for everyone,

it smells of burnt wood, campfire, and incense.

Slightly bizarre, but I like it.

I really like it. Again, it's the smell thing.

Also, it's good tea, but I also really love the smell.

Who else loves burnt, the smell of burnt things.

Not burnt toast... That's not good. But like burnt wood, campfires.

Alright, thank you for watching.

If you're still here in this random... listening to these random things that I'm fascinated by in life at this moment.

Yeah, hope you enjoyed.

If you have any questions for me or things, or type of videos you want to see.

You can always comment them down below and I can always see if I will do some of them or not.

If you want to see more of me. You can find me; you probably find this video on Vimeo or my blog on my website at www.margodeweerdt.com.

It will be down below. Probably.

I have an Instagram page. I'm Don't post regularly, but I try. You can find me there.

And on Mastodon. I'm at Margo De Weerdt.

So, I will... And Béhance. I'm also Béhance.

Too many, too many social media!

Thank you for watching and see you next time.


End of transcript.

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