• Margo De Weerdt

How to be a woman, Caitlin Moran

Updated: May 25, 2021

I’m probably one of the last people to discover this book... I’m aware, I’m late to the party. (Nothing new, I usually am with things that are ‘trendy’ at one time or another. I discover them typically 3 to 5 years later. And even then, I’m not always interested.)

The first word that comes to mind when I think about this book is ‘Hilarious!’. It is one of those few books that made me laugh out loud, while at the same time addressing serious miles stones in every womans life, the daily critique & sexism any woman recognises and opening a conversation about subjects we all know, but sometimes are too afraid or ashamed to discuss due to all sorts of pressures from ourselves & society.

The book really gives the feeling that you're talking to a good friend, with whom you discuss everything from ‘decent, horny porn of people who actually look like they want to have sex’, ‘why you don’t like wearing thong’ and ‘why leopard print is actually a neutral colour’.

Don’t get me wrong here, she also addresses the necessary topics of menstruation, puberty, love, motherhood, choosing not to have children, abortion and a whole lot more of topics that almost every woman encounters in her journey that is life. Moran tackles these subjects in a very accessible, humorous and, where necessary, frank way. Which does not seem rude or intrusive at all. To me, it just feels human. Funny, happy, raw, heart breaking human emotions.

Bravo Madame Moran! It’s damn good book. It has an attitude in the best way possible. It reads just like a splendid, hilarious, taboo breaking, rant of a feminist manifest.

I read the translated version (the Dutch version), but I am tempted to read the English one in the future. I whole heartily believe it must make me laugh even more.

And as Madame Moran urges you to in the book, I can only recommend the following: Go stand on your chair and shout “I’m a feminist!”