• Margo De Weerdt


Updated: May 25, 2021

Good morning, afternoon or evening.

Welcome to my little, tiny corner of the internet.

As you will have seen, you find yourself on my blog. Remember that, blogs? I do, I love them, I read many of them of interesting people and on an array of subjects. Once upon a time I had a blog of my own on tumblr, and after a slight hiatus, here I am again. Resurrected! On my own website, for crying out loud! Not connected to some form of a social media platform, where we are apparently only capable of consuming posts for 0.01 seconds before we forget it existed at all. Yes, dear reader, I also include myself in this. The attention span of 0.01 seconds also afflicts me. This brings me to that other reason why I like reading blogs: You need to take a little bit more time out of your life to read the articles or look at the pictures, and form new ideas, interact, broaden your perspective or just enjoy yourself. It is worth mentioning that in this last sentence you can replace "blogs" with “books”. (Bookworm alert.)

So, what will you find here in this petite corner of the internet? First of all, you will find more drawings, sketches and I’ll share insights in my process. Anything related to illustration, art or bookbinding where I feel I want to talk about on the internet, you’ll find it here. Furthermore, being a bookworm, I’ll share what I’m reading, what I’ve read and what I think about it. (I know, a bookworm illustrator-bookbinder…)

And from time to time, I’ll probably share some randomness, I’m only human. Be prepared… It might be nothing special at all, or maybe it is. Sometimes it will be in that grey zone in between. All I can say: I plan to enjoy myself in my little corner on the internet. Hope you will too, my dear reader and fellow being in this mad world.


In case you are wondering “Who is she?”, I’ll answer you: I’m a woman who is a freelance illustrator, bookbinder, feminist, a bookworm, cat freak, pasta lover and from Antwerp, Belgium. If you want to know more details, click here.