• Margo De Weerdt

Dear reader,

We are already three weeks away into the new year. The moment to say ‘Happy New Year’ seems to have passed… I hope I find you in good health & spirit, wherever you are in the world.

Here the New Year was celebrated with, tasty food, a movie (The Untouchables, 1987) and a typewriter. A whiskey next to it and thoughts drifting over the past year. The only thing missing was a cigarette, in one of those 1920s holders… But I do not smoke. What a ‘vintage’ moment, my inner grandma was incredibly happy! I even wore my glasses. (I usually forget.)


My inner grandma stayed with me for a while. In my holiday week after the start of the New Year, I started hand sewing a coat and avoided the internet. And knitted legwarmers. Made some sketches. Assembling thoughts whilst sewing and setting pieces of fabric to make a wearable garment. A dear friend of mine told me a dutch saying that fitted the situation quite well: ’Handmatig gedachten sorteren.’ Translates into: ‘Manual mind-sorting.’

The idea of ‘a fresh start’ from one day to the next is in a way a bit silly. Nothing major has changed besides a number in our calendar. But I still like the fact that each year I take a moment to reflect, assert, sort and move on.

Unfortunately, we human do not hibernate for the winter. It would be ideal though, would’t it? So much time for my ‘Manual mind-sorting’!

But what came out of all my sorting and ruminating… I will tell you some work-related things:

First: Major e-mail inbox clean session (work & personal.) Changed a personal e-mail address I had for longer than 16 years to a new one. It is a wonderful feeling not to have a crap load of spam mail.

Second: A social media revision. I deleted my Instagram account. This was in my mind for a while, and I finally did it. Once upon a time I started it, even before I went freelance, and quite enjoyed it. But the enjoyment was gone. I did not agree with the policies and systems of the company behind it. I did not want my work living on it anymore. It feels like it is a platform that is ‘mandatory’ for an artist. But is it? I do not think it is anymore. That being said: I am grateful for all the people who followed me and supported my work. And sometimes even bought something from my shop, thank you very much if that is one of you reading this. It is much appreciated.

So, conclusion: outside of my own website I will be on Mastodon (a platform I like a lot now, Vimeo and Béhance (the latter more sporadic in activity.)

Thirdly: Most of my time in the category ‘show-your-work-on-the-internet’ will be spent here. On my own little space on the internet, my website and blog.

Besides creating new posts here, I am also going the change a few things in my own branding and the design.

I could keep going on the do-to-in-the-new-year list, but I will stop here. To all the new people who subscribed to my blog, hello dear readers! Thank you very much. I hope you enjoy the sketches, paintings, and rambles of this creative.

Have a lovely weekend & I will write to you soon.