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  • Margo De Weerdt

Dear Reader,

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

It has been a while. Last time I typed letter after letter for the blog we found ourselves at the beginning of June, every tree, bush, and plant had unfolded their leaves. The scent of summer was in the air. Now I come to you on a rainy day in August on my end, leaves drip and flow in today's weather outside my window.

For more videos, check out my Vimeo account.

Here in Belgium, the COVID-19 measures have been relaxed a lot since the beginning of summer. This means that for a while now, we can enjoy the cafés, bars, restaurants, events (with additional rules) and meet with friends and family without having debates about “what-is-allowed-with-how-many-people?” I recently set foot in a movie theatre for the first time in a year and eight months, it felt fantastic. (The movie was ‘Promising young woman,’ good film, but I was blown away and partly in shock when I left the theatre. A film that really hits home.)

I have missed all the stimuli, glances, and movements in our city, it is fantastic to perceive it all again and to feel inspiration bubbling up. Seeing faces, sights and moments that only last a second, but that leave their colours and shapes on one’s eye, imprinted.

Storing up impressions in my mind, in case another lockdown comes around the corner... Let us hope not. We will see.

Now, on the blog you will find new posts in the next weeks: Books I have read (because this bookworm is never without a book, just finished Middlemarch by George Eliot, finally got round to that English classic), process videos, some experiments with videos and as always, more illustrations.

Dear Reader, I hope you are well wherever you find yourself in this world.

Type to you soon.


An illustration made with acrylic ink. The image is made on a horizontal orientated A4. From the top left corner to the bottom, you see a yellow sun, hidden behind think grey, blue, dark clouds. Below the clouds it is raining, blue, long strokes on a green background. In between the rain strokes, more to the bottom left of the image, is a tiny biker. Making their way in the rain, wearing a red raincoat. The light of is bike shines, yellow, like the sun.
A rainy day in August

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