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  • Margo De Weerdt


Updated: May 14

Times are a-changing & the big sale


EDIT: The webshop has been closed earlier, due to some things that have been moving faster behind the scenes with the ideas and changes I want to make. Thank you to everyone who bought something! In the meantime, I am working on new art, ideas and items. The shop will return in the autumn. I will keep you posted.


Hello, it's been a while. The last year has been like a rollercoaster for this little artist. Consequently, I went into a work-winter hibernation for a while.

As spring quietly reawakens the trees, I too am coming back from my creative winter nest. Things will change this year.

So I am organising a big sale on my webshop. There will be a breath of fresh air in my creative life, and it will be a big spring clean. If you want to make your move now, go for it! It's -50% and -60% on my prints, postcards and birthday calendar!

This sale will be available online until the 26th of May. So that's a good 2 months, or until my current stock runs out.

After this, the webshop will close for a while, and I will work on new work, new art and new concepts. I give myself time for this, preferring quality to quantity. In the autumn, the shop will then reappear, version 2.0.

The website itself will also undergo some changes in that interval. As life changes, the artist in me changes, my work changes and what is there is revisited and redesigned.

In anticipation of all that:

If you buy anything in my webshop sale, a big thank you from this little artist. And thank you if you have supported me in the past.

See you soon!


The little artist 2.0

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