Drawing and painting is like an instinct to me. It is my second nature.

It comes from my gut feeling in combination with an overactive imagination that is constantly observing the world, the light, the people and everyday life. 


Being an illustrator in heart and soul, the obsession with paper and carriers

of art is not far away. In this way this bookworm became a bookbinder.

Between the illustrations and designs, you find a selection

of books that I have bound myself.


If you have an idea that needs an image or a stack of papers in need

of needle and tread. In short: if you want to work together

contact me via


Like what you see? If you want an illustration or design in the form

of a print, a postcard, a book... Check out the shop! 

This assignment was an absolute pleasure to work on, on receiving the briefing

I immediately saw the images in my head. This illustration had to be about heritage in Flanders, its diversity and our culture. A dream assignment for a history freak.

The lime tree is central, this tree is very common in Flanders and was the hook to hang the story on.

The illustration is hand painted on large format, A1, in acrylic ink and India ink. Then scanned in and prepared for printing. The poster measures 700x1000mm. A sticker design of the lime leaf has also been made, so that all the employees of VISITFLANDERS can place themselves in and around the tree.

The logo, illustrations and visuals for the branding and identity of Vincent Buyssens, a.k.a. VOIDWALKER. For more information on VOIDWALKER, please visit Or follow Vincent on his Instagram or via his LinkedIn account. 

These illustrations were made for the release of Catts, Watson and Comet: Three extensions for OS Elementary made by Small Technology Foundation: a tiny and independent two-person not-for-profit based in Ireland, by Laura Kalbag and Aral Balkan. They are working, researching and developing in and around the Small Web and Small Tech. For more info visit

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