Drawing and painting is like an instinct to me. It is my second nature. It comes from my gut feeling in combination with an overactive imagination that is constantly observing the world, the light, the people and everyday life. 


If you want to work together, want more information or have a kick-ass idea that needs an illustration:

I’m all ears. 

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These illustrations are for the branding and identity of Vincent Buyssens, a.k.a. VOIDWALKER. They deepen the character of Voidwalker, explore further storytelling and explore the depth behind the branding. For more information and the further process of VOIDWALKER, please visit Or follow Vincent on his social media account @VOIDWALKER

Postcardbooks & their Illustrations

These postcardbooks are made from a surplus of postcards that I did not want to throw away. I wanted to do something new with these cards and so, in these books, they have ended up in a whole new form. They have been repainted with acrylic paint and black, East-Indian ink, giving them completely new illustrations on both the front and back. This book thus contains completely original illustrations, which will not appear reproduced anywhere else. The books are handmade and bound with a Coptic-stitch.

You can find them now on my webshop.